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Sustainable tourism in Playa de Muro

Published: 25 November 2022

Sustainability in the world’s hotels has gone from being a fad followed by a minority to a priority in all productive sectors.

For this reason, the hotels in Playa de Muro have been the protagonists of a continuous evolution in order to adapt to the requirements of both committed clients and the needs of an environment that is increasingly at risk.

But what does the concept of sustainability mean in the hotel world, and is it really something applicable and something to be concerned about?

In the following, we will approach the subject from the different points of view involved. On the one hand, from that of the customer, who increasingly demands information on the establishment’s commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Plant and compost in Playa de Muro

The second party involved is of course the hotel establishment itself. What can be done in this respect? What concrete measures can be taken? Let’s look at it in more detail

La sostenibilidad hotelera para el cliente

Lo que antes era un tipo de turismo muy poco común, es ahora uno de los mercados más emergentes al que el mundo de la hotelería se está adaptando rápidamente.

For tourists committed to sustainability and the environment, knowing what actions a hotel is undertaking is a very important factor when it comes to informing themselves about the establishment.

Guests choosing a sustainable Hotel while having breakfast

While in the past the location of the hotel, the rooms or the views were decisive, now the list is growing with issues related to sustainability. Therefore, in addition to constantly implementing actions to reduce the carbon footprint, it is necessary for hotels to have a communication strategy in this regard.

Topics such as recycling, circular economy or responsible consumption are important for the customer. For this reason, the hotel plant in Playa de Muro has been implementing numerous improvements for some time now.

La sostenibilidad del hotel vista desde el propio hotel

Beyond the customer’s decision or responsibility for the booking, the rest of the actions already fall directly on the side of the hotel establishment. Whether it is a large hotel, an apartment complex or a hostel, there are measures that are being taken in favour of sustainability.

Sustainability and environmental impact certifications

One of the most common ways of “demonstrating” the actions carried out in a hotel in terms of sustainability is to obtain one of the official certifications that are emerging.

More and more hotels are going through this process in order to certify their environmental and sustainable commitment with the ISO 14001 and the international EMAS certification, among others.

However, a hotel can be doing a lot of work towards sustainability in many aspects, even if it does not have an accreditation certificate. Therefore, it is important to make these measures visible on websites and in the establishment itself. Thus, the client who is interested in this information will be able to access it quickly and easily.

Concrete actions in a Sustainable Hotel

There are many measures that a hotel can take to make progress on sustainability issues. However, they are always related to two issues: reducing consumption and correctly managing the waste from unavoidable consumption.

Container recycling bins in Playa de Muro

The first theme is to reduce the consumption of the establishment as much as possible. Some of the most common actions that are already implemented in most of the hotels in Playa de Muro are the following:

  • Purchase of local 0-kilometre products
  • Elimination of the use of plastics
  • Products from responsible fisheries
  • Circular economy: using organic waste to make organic compost for local farmers
  • Waste management: this year 2022 has almost achieved the same % of rejection with selective waste.
  • Collaboration with NGOs, donation of household goods, food, linen…
  • School restaurant
  • Local fauna system in place 
  • Appropriate environmental and social training
  • Electric vehicle charging points
  • In-room amenities other than single-use or single-dose amenities
  • Energy-efficient cooling and heating systems
  • Drip or low-water-use irrigation systems
  • Solar panels to reduce energy consumption
  • More efficient construction to use the sun and wind in the right way
  • Efficient pools with greener maintenance

These are just a few actions but the list is getting longer and longer. There are many more details that are carried out by hotels committed to sustainability in Playa de Muro.

Sustainable Amenities of Playa de Muro

On the other hand, it is also important to see how we treat waste and products that are necessary for the activity of a hotel establishment.

Correct recycling, composting or the correct management of all by-products of hotel activity is vital to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment.

The commitment of the hotel staff

In order for all the measures taken by the hotel management to have an effect, it is essential to have the commitment of the staff at all levels.

Hotel sustainability measures will have no effect without committed people in the daily actions and processes of the hotel operation. For example, a comprehensive waste separation and collection process can be integrated. However, it will not be successful without people who know about it and have the will to make it a reality.

Training and awareness raising is therefore an important step in the sustainable policies of the Playa de Muro Hotels.

Other actions beyond the hotel grounds itself

In addition to the actions that we already know about sustainability within the hotels of Playa de Muro, there are actions that go beyond the establishment itself.

Collaboration in cleaning up beaches and natural areas, raising funds for different sustainable initiatives or related events are becoming more and more frequent.

Beach cleaning in Playa de Muro

This is the case, for example, of Iberostar, whose Black Friday campaign will invest 1% of the funds raised in three projects for the recovery of dunes and green spaces. Others, such as Gardens Hotels, are already a benchmark in circular economy.

Sustainability is here to stay

Management policies and sustainable tourism in general are not a passing fad, but a change of mentality that is here to stay.

Clients demand a sustainable destination experience and the hotels in Playa de Muro have been quick to adapt to this demand.