Playa de Muro is circular, join us!

Published: 5 June 2023

Renetas Project gives new life floats and mats

Renetas is coming to Playa de Muro this summer. This project is born due to a double environmental and social objective, specifically, on the mats that our tourists no longer use after their holidays.

The Renetas project is funded by the Sustainable Tourism Tax Fund. This initiative involves the collection of mattresses and floats, used by tourists, which cannot be recycled as they are made of PVC and the only solution to dispose of this waste is through incineration.

This project, carried out jointly by the Hotel Association of Playa de Muro and the Reconatura Foundation, focuses on improving the sustainability and circularity of Playa de Muro as a destination.

The collected floats will be transformed into new products such as aprons, bags and cases or toiletry bags. At the end of their holiday, visitors will be able to deposit their mattresses at 24 collection points in most of the hotels in the area, where they will find specialised containers.

With this pioneering initiative in the tourism and hotel sector, Playa de Muro is at the forefront of circular economy models. This project will promote the reuse of these products, new jobs will be created.

The collection and revaluation of the mats will be carried out by a special employment centre, Recoart, where jobs will be offered to people with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion.

After collection, which will take place on a weekly basis. The floats will be revalued, giving them a new useful life in the form of another product. This project is already underway and will last for two years.