Playa de Muro a vista de Drone

Playa de Muro voted 3rd Best Beach in Europe 2022 and the best in Spain

Published: 20 June 2022

Once again this year, the users of the Tripadvisor platform have chosen the best locations, hotels and areas in the world to highlight them with the “Traveler’s Choice 2022” awards. These awards aim to highlight the best places to visit around the world.

Playa de Muro: The best beach in Spain and the third best in Europe

Tripadvisor has already announced the winners of the 2022 “The Best of the Best” awards and among them, Playa de Muro occupies a very prominent place:

In this edition of the Taveler’s Choice awards, Playa de Muro has been recognised as the third best beach in Europe and the best in Spain. It also occupies 17th place among the best beaches in the world.

A place that stands out among all the beaches in the world and that helps to make known everything that visitors can find in Playa de Muro.

How was Playa de muro chosen as the best beach in Spain?

The selection of these Tripadvisor awards is made thanks to the ratings of users and visitors. The platform collects the ratings every twelve months to draw up the initial lists of awards.

This is why obtaining a “Best of the Best” for Playa de Muro is of great value. It is our visitors who freely give their opinions and experiences, so this recognition has a great credibility worldwide.

Premio Travellers' Choice de TripAdvisor

In addition, Tripadvisor experts review the lists of award winners to ensure that they comply with the platform’s policies and values.

What visitors say about Playa de Muro

You only have to look at the ratings of visitors to Playa de Muro to know what you will find in this area in the north of Mallorca.

“Wonderful beaches with fine white sand” “Caribbean beach”

“Why go to the Caribbean if we have it here?” “The best beach I’ve ever been to”

“A wonderful beach” “A wonderful beach”

“The best beach I’ve ever been to” “A wonderful beach

Undoubtedly the comments speak for themselves, but let’s see what visitors to Playa de Muro highlight and appreciate the most. The main element that stands out is the beach itself. Its fine white sand, its more than five kilometres of length and the views from it are some of the most commented features.

Iberostar Playa de Muro

In addition, a large number of opinions speak highly of all the services available to visitors. Both in terms of security and facilities on the beaches themselves, as well as the full range of complementary services such as restaurants, bars, restaurants and shops, hotels, plans for the whole family, etc.

What Playa de Muro has to offer

Playa de Muro has received this award as the best beach in Spain and the third best beach in Europe thanks to much more than fine sand and crystal clear waters.

Couple paddle surfing in Playa de Muro

The beach is divided into four zones with different atmospheres and services: Sector I and II with more services such as hotels and restaurants, the beach of “Es Comú”, situated downstream and perfectly integrated in a Natural Park, and finally “Ses Casetes d’es Capellans”.

The best Hotels and Accommodation in Playa de Muro

If you have already decided that your next trip is to Playa de Muro, we can help you choose the accommodation that best suits your needs. 

Whether you are planning to visit the north of Mallorca with your family, as a couple or with friends, here you will find a hotel or aparthotel that will adapt to your needs. By accessing the Hotel Finder you will find the best options in the area.

Sustainable and accessible hotels in Playa de Muro

Increasingly, the values of the establishments in the area are important for visitors to Playa de Muro. Commitment to sustainability and accessible facilities are no longer secondary factors for tourists, but are essential in order to offer the best possible experience.

Playa de Muro seen from the sea

That is why the hotels and establishments in the area of Playa de Muro are very committed to these concerns of the visitors, as well as taking care of the safety of all of them.

We owe this award to you

To finish celebrating the “Best of the Best” award for Playa de Muro, we have you to thank. It is thanks to all the visitors who count on us every year that we have received this global recognition as an outstanding destination throughout Europe and the world.