Ciclistas en grupo por Playa de muro

Cycling in Playa de Muro: Come and enjoy Mallorca by Bike

Published: 26 September 2022

Playa de Muro is one of the most popular destinations for international cyclists of all levels. In the spring and autumn months, it is common to see lively groups of cyclists enjoying their sport.

And of course the main international cycling teams choose Mallorca and Playa de Muro for their campuses.

But what is the reason why Playa de Muro and Mallorca are so popular with cyclists? Here we give you some of the keys.

The perfect climate for the Cyclist

Mallorca has a mild climate during the spring and autumn months, which allows you to enjoy this sport without having to do it under the extreme sun or the cold of winter.

Thanks to the location of the island of Mallorca and its Mediterranean climate, cycling is one of the most popular sports, as well as other related sports such as triathlon and long-distance running.

Cyclists in the North of Mallorca

Although you can enjoy cycling in Mallorca all year round, it is best to do so from September to November, or from March to May. At this time of year, not only are the temperatures in favour of cyclists, but also rainfall is not usually very abundant.

Mallorca’s road network for cycling

Another thing that makes the island of Mallorca very attractive for cycling or cycle touring is its extensive network of secondary roads. These roads run through natural landscapes of singular beauty and leave no visitor indifferent.

We will be able to cycle to practically any point in Mallorca on rural roads, but in very good conditions for cycling.

Cyclotourist on a road in Mallorca

The North of Mallorca, and Playa de Muro in particular, stands out as one of the best places to start touring Mallorca by bike. In addition to the climate and the roads, you will find all the complementary services you need to make sure you lack nothing: accommodation with a very specialised offer for cyclists, such as its own garage, information, diets, physiotherapists; specialised agents, bicycle hire of all kinds, repair shops, shops, etc.

The Serra de Tramuntana

Within the network of roads available for cyclists in Mallorca, we must highlight the Serra de Tramuntana. A mountain range that runs through the island from the north to the southwest.

The Serra de Tramuntana is a protected natural environment that has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This mountain range runs along the island next to the sea, so that many bicycle paths and routes in general end in small, unspoilt and impressive coves.

Sandy beach in Muro, North of Majorca

If you want to know more about some of the best cycling routes in Mallorca, you can visit this post with The best cycling routes in Mallorca.

Cycling for all levels

Mallorca and Playa de Muro not only offer interesting options for competitive or high-level cyclists. There are also amateurs who enjoy this sport in an unbeatable environment and conditions.

Cyclists on bicycles next to the lagoon of Majorca

The bicycle can also be the best way to reach small coves or beaches that are hidden by the Majorcan orography.

Hotels and Aparthotels for cyclists in Mallorca

The hotels in Playa de Muro in the north of Mallorca are increasingly better prepared to welcome cyclists of all levels.

The visit of these and other sportsmen and women is very interesting for the hotels in the area, as it allows them to extend the usual summer season, which is more oriented towards sun and beach tourism. That is why Mallorca welcomes these cyclists with great enthusiasm and increasingly better facilities.

The hotels and apartments in Playa de Muro have facilities specifically designed for cyclists. There you will find specific rooms for the safe storage of bicycles, repair and overhaul workshops, specific food for cyclists, bicycle and equipment hire… Everything a cyclist could need to enjoy Mallorca by bike.

Cycling competitions in Mallorca

Due to all the characteristics of Mallorca that we have already mentioned, not only the practice of recreational cycling is widespread, but every year more and more high level competitions are added to the calendar of the Balearic Island.

Some of them are already well established, such as the Mallorca 312, the IronMan Mallorca or the Mallorca 140.6 Triathlon.

Athlete swimming in Playa de Muro

Most of these cycling competitions or triathlons originate in Playa de Muro or at least form part of its route.

FAQ about Cycling in Mallorca

Finally, we would like to answer the most common questions from people interested in coming to Mallorca by bike:

When to go to Mallorca to enjoy cycling?

The best months to come and enjoy Mallorca by bike are the middle season. Before and after the high summer season. That is, from February to June and from September to November.

What are the best Hotels for cyclists in Mallorca?

In the following directory we highlight the best Hotels for cyclists or the best Hotels for triathletes in Playa de Muro.

What cycling competitions take place in Playa de Muro?

The most common and famous are the Mallorca 312 and the Ironman. If you want to know more, we detail them in this list of competitions for cyclists and triathletes.

What services does Playa de Muro offer for cyclists?

In Playa de muro cyclists will find everything they need to enjoy their sport, whether they plan to bring their own bike or rent one. The north of Mallorca has all the necessary services for cyclists such as workshops, rental of all types of material, excursions for organised groups, hotels for cyclists and much more.