Pasarelas de acceso a la Playa en Murop

Accessibility at Playa de Muro

Published: 17 October 2022

Playa de Muro, located in the bay of Alcudia, has 6 kilometres of white sand, where you can enjoy the sun and a gentle breeze. Among its most outstanding features, it has obtained the Accessibility Management System UNE170001 certificate.

The constant concern of the people in charge has managed to guarantee everyone the use and enjoyment of the services provided there with the greatest possible autonomy. The sports and activities that include people with disabilities are the best proof of this. It is an amazing achievement, as you will see below.

Furthermore, Playa de Muro is an accessible beach destination not only in terms of water sports, but also in many other aspects thanks to the infrastructures present throughout the area.

Accessibility in Mallorca

Enjoying a day at the beach, with nature and in front of the sea, is an experience that everyone enjoys, regardless of their age or abilities. Having independence gives people with disabilities the advantage of being integrated with as few limitations as possible.

Playa de Muro aims to achieve an environment free of barriers, which can be architectural, communicational and attitudinal. It is not enough for people to reach a certain place; it is also necessary for them to feel like one more person and to be able to participate in all the leisure activities they wish.

Access walkway to the beach with wheelchair user (Playa de Muro)

Playa de Muro is not only Blue Flag, but also has a safety system that is among the most advanced in the world. It has also obtained the Thematic Distinction in Breaking Architectural Barriers and Attention to People with Disabilities. This concern has been extended to the hotels in the area, which have accessibility features and have eliminated obstacles of all kinds, in order to create an all-round inclusive tourist destination.

The modified infrastructures include the following: shaded platforms, walkways to access the beach, adapted toilets and amphibious chairs to enter the sea. In addition, there is a swimming channel accessible to people with reduced vision, a transfer crane and parking for the disabled.

A destination for adapted sports

The Councillor for Tourism and Beaches commented that they have been working for many years to ensure accessibility in all activities. The certificate obtained attests to this and, in this regard, several schools that offer water sports courses have adapted their classes. The aim is that people with disabilities can learn them and develop their skills. Inclusive and adapted sport in Playa de Muro has been its goal for decades.

Instructors teach and share their experience with all people, with the necessary facilities and equipment for different types of disabilities, including activities in groups of family or friends.

Activities for the disabled in Plata de Muro

The offer of accessible sport is also seen as a challenge, and a substantial part of integrative therapies. For these reasons, the courses maintain the same price for all participants, and there are no increases due to the fact that specific conditions are required. The aim is to open the doors of water sports to everyone, without limitations or barriers, with small steps leading to great advances.

When booking courses, it is necessary to detail the type and degree of disability, as well as the student’s previous experience. With this information, the teams of professional instructors plan and personalise the techniques, with the aim of guaranteeing learning.

The goal is to achieve maximum independence and, at first, sailing is done in light winds until the basic manoeuvres are mastered. Then practice in stronger winds.

Among the sailing courses you can find SURF, WINDSURF, KITESURF, KITEFOIL, catamaran and paddle surf. Undoubtedly, the gentle and constant wind that blows from the sea to the land makes Playa de Muro one of the best places for this type of sport in Mallorca.

Adaptive surfing apprentices at Playa de muro

SUP yoga is a very relaxing activity, in which the discipline is developed on SURF boards and in the water, with certain modifications aimed at maintaining balance. All classes are designed for beginners or those who have experience and wish to improve their skills. Everyone is welcome: children, adults and senior citizens.

Another example of the prominence of inclusive sport is the Mallorca Handbike Tour race. This is one of the most important adapted cycling competitions in Europe, in which Olympic medallists and world-renowned champions take part.

Playa de Muro is a paradise from any point of view, its geographical spaces, the panorama of sea and sky and the hotel offer without barriers are the perfect setting for you to develop your favourite sport. Don’t miss it!