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The range of accommodation on offer in Playa de Muro, Mallorca is comprised of over 34 hotels in different categories. 

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The beach and services

Playa de Muro. Natural, clean and safe

Playa de Muro consists of the 5.2 kilometres of coastline that form part of this municipality in the north of Mallorca. It is a beach with tranquil waters and moderate waves, fine, golden sand, and some stretches with pine groves, undergrowth and junipers. One particularly notable feature is the pine wood in the Es Comú area, which is closed off to traffic.

The beach has a blue flag, an emblem that guarantees the beach’s optimum conditions as regards environment and facilities. This distinction is renewed every year after exhaustive national inspections.

Moreover, Playa de Muro has one of the most complete and advanced safety and rescue services in the Balearic Islands. Not in vain was Playa de Muro awarded a diploma for excellence in rescue, lifesaving and first aid in 2009 by the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education. Only two municipalities in the whole of Spain were awarded this distinction in 2009.


Access for the disabled

A total of 8 walkways have been installed in Playa de Muro to provide access for people with physical limitations. There is also an all-day amphibious chair service for disabled persons.

Toilets and showers

Playa de Muro has 8 municipally-owned areas offering a free, public toilet and shower service.

Car parking for the disabled and emergency vehicles

Parking areas have been prepared and signposted beside different beach accesses, where there is an observation tower. Two car-parking spaces for disabled drivers and one for emergency vehicles have been set aside beside each access point.

Self-protection information panels

There are panels installed beside all the busiest entrances to the beaches with information on self-protection measures, the location of the different services and other useful data.


A team of workers using machinery that respects the natural ecosystem cleans the beach exhaustively every day.


“Playa de Muro, winner of the award for the safest beach on the Spanish Mediterranean coast in 2009”

Diploma for excellence in the domain of rescue, lifesaving and first aid
(see diploma)

Aquatic police security service

Playa de Muro has a police unit that is unique in the Balearic Islands: the UPAM (‘Unidad Policial Acuática de Muro’, or Muro Aquatic Police Unit). This is a special unit within the Local Police Force that provides service for users in the area of public and maritime safety.

Safety for children and the disabled

In Playa de Muro, wristbands are available to beach users for locating missing persons. The wristbands have a code associated to the data deemed convenient by the interested party and known only to the Public Rescue Services.

This service, which benefits children for the most part - although it can also be used for disabled and elderly persons - can be requested at all the first aid modules and observation towers.

Horizontal and vertical buoyage

In Playa de Muro buoys signal the bathing zones and navigation channels for nautical activities and water sports.

Safety cover for visiting schools and geriatric centres

Every day that the beaches of Muro are visited by summer schools and geriatric centres, after advising the Beach Safety Coordination Department 24 hours in advance, the beach safety service is increased by another Professional Rescue Service (SOS). The visitors from the geriatric centres are offered the amphibious chair service.

Operational safety and rescue centre

All the interventions are coordinated and centralized from the Operational Safety and Rescue Centre (Centro Operativo de Salvamento y Seguridad - COSyS), located in C. Rodríguez de la Fuente.

Human team and equipment

The safety and rescue services have specialist personnel and modern equipment at their disposal.
Their resources include:

A workforce comprised of 16 lifeguards, 12 of whom are on the beaches every day.
3 fully-equipped first aid modules.
1 provisional heliport.
1 off-road vehicle.
1 Quad.
8 observation towers.
8 masts to indicate the safety level of the sea for bathers, as well as the masts on each tower.
8 rescue boards.
2 jet skis with their corresponding stretchers.
3 DEAS (defibrillators).
Weather stations.
Transmission equipment (walkie-talkies, PDAs, etc.).

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